The year at Regensen

Each semester, the new residents throw three large parties. Other than a semesterly party to celebrate the newcomers, these include a sketch show, the outdoor Linden Lunch and the Christmas Ball. Below, you can read more about the parties and events that make up a year at Regensen.

The General Assembly

At the beginning of each semester, there is a General Assembly at Regensen. Here, the past year’s budgets are approved and new students are selected for the internal posts ('embeder').

The Assembly itself happens at midnight in the Grand Hall, and is preceded by dinners in the Societies spread across Regensen, where negotiations take place in order to secure certain posts. In this way, many deals are made before the official democratic vote, but the night often brings surprises.

Party for the New Residents

The first party of each semester, the 'Indflytterfest', is an opportunity for the new residents to get to know each other and the rest of the students by organizing a themed party. The theme is revealed a few days prior to the party, allowing everyone to get crafty and come up with a creative costume to match the grandeur of the decorations and dinner, which typically take several days to prepare.

Past themes include: Sweden, Surrealism, Balkan Wedding, and Circus Taboo. The Grand Hall has been transformed with everything from tables fully covered in bubble wrap to a red wine fountain.

Tea with the Provost

Once a semester, the Provost invites the new residents and the Klokkers for dinner in their home. It is a cozy gathering, which gives the Provost the chance to get to know the new students and vice versa.

Flea Market

During the summer, a flea market is held in the courtyard.

The Linden Lunch

The Linden Lunch is one of the six large yearly parties. It happens in May and stands out from the other parties as it takes place primarily during the day. Lunch is eaten in the yard, with fingers crossed for good weather. The schnaps flows freely and at 5pm, the Regensians run up the Round Tower and sing the Regenssong at its top. Traditionally, this is followed by a large water fight and a communal shower for those who fancy, and smaller spontaneous parties spread across the rooms and kitchens. Finally, the ones who still have energy to spare meet in Lille Sal to dance until they drop.

The Linden Ball

The Linden Ball is Regensen’s big summer party. The Linden Tree is decorated with colorful lanterns, and a stage for live music is set up in the courtyard, which is transformed into an outdoor dance floor. The Regensians put on their fanciest outfits and prepare to dance the night away.

At the Ball, a choir of Regensians and chosen soloists sing the Linden Cantata, composed by Iver Iversen in 1885 for the celebration of the Linden Tree’s 100th anniversary. At midnight, a secret guest performer comes to entertain the partygoers.

The Linden Ball marks the start of summer and is the final party of the semester before exams begin.

Theatre Trips

Regensen’s link to theatre goes way back, and it has housed several famous playwrights throughout the years.

Recently, theatre is most prominent at the yearly 'Revy' (sketch show). In addition to that, theatre trips are arranged throughout the semester, where anyone interested can sign up and join, making use of the group discounts at Copenhagen’s theatres.

Sport at Regensen

The College Football Tournament begins in April and is concluded in mid-October. During this season Regensen’s football teams fight for their college, most noticeably in the yearly game against Studentergården, another large college.

The teams train in the large playing field in front of Rosenborg Castle every Monday and Thursday, and play games in the tournament. Other than football, other sport activities are organized throughout the year, including yoga, running, and kayaking. It is up to the Sports directors (chosen at the General Assembly) to decide exactly what the focus of the semester’s activities will be.

Little Regens Council Meeting

During the semester, the Klokkers can announce one or two smaller council meetings. In these meetings, problems that have come up are discussed, and the agenda is made by the Regensians. At these meetings, Regensians are able to apply for support of up to 5.000 DKK, which is available for projects or initiatives, and must be voted through by a majority at the meeting.

Large Regens Council Meeting

At the Large Regens Council Meeting, the Regensians make proposals, which can be voted through at the General Assembly. These might concern statute changes, financial support for projects and initiatives, and appointments of internal posts (embeder). It is also during this meeting that the budget from each internal post is presented and approved. These meetings are often characterized by long discussions about traditions, renewals and statutes.

The Christmas Ball

The Christmas Ball is undeniably one of the highlights of a year at Regensen. Usually, around 150 people gather in the Grand Hall, which is decorated especially for the occasion. As with the Linden Ball, the Christmas Ball offers the Regensians a chance to flaunt their fanciest feathers, and many show up in black tie or cocktail dresses. The evening is filled with speeches, songs, and dancing Les Lanciers. Furthermore, a Christmas Choir of Regensians perform traditional songs during the dinner, and at midnight a guest is invited to come entertain and get the dance floor going. Students from the other old colleges often drop by, and the party continues through the night.

Revy (Sketch Show)

At the Revy - Regensen’s yearly sketch show - two Revy Directors are chosen. In collaboration with the new residents, they set the stage for a night of fun and banter, where each collegiate Society (Forening) performs a sketch. All bets are off, and the Revy is a night of fun and games. Dinner is traditionally the dish 'Gule Ærter' (yellow peas) and like the rest of the parties, wine and beer flows freely during the evening.

At the end of the night, a small committee selects the top three sketches, which are performed again at the yearly Assembly of previous students.


The word ‘slåbrok’ means dressing gown or bathrobe, but at Regensen it also has another meaning. Slåbrok is the name of the recurring lecture event, which takes place in the library. As the name suggests, it used to be tradition to attend these evenings in one’s bathrobe. This tradition has since (mostly) died out, but the name remains.

The Klokkers invite the lecturer, who speaks for about an hour and then invites for an open discussion of the night’s topic. Former lecturers include: Herbert Pundik, who discussed the situation in Iraq during the American invasion, Martin Hall, who spoke of everything from punk to romanticism, and Holger Bech Nielsen, who talked about super string theory.