International Admission

The Jonas Thomsen Sekyere Scholarship

International students can apply through the Jonas Thomsen Sekyere Scholarship. The scholarship is dedicated to the memory of an inspirational member of the college whose time among us was cut tragically short: Jonas Thomsen Sekyere.

The Scholarship was established in 2012 to provide lodgings at Regensen for international students studying at the University of Copenhagen or the Technical University of Denmark. The scholarship is open to both exchange students as well as students from abroad taking full degrees in Copenhagen. Students studying at the University of Copenhagen or the Technical University of Denmark for less than one year (two semesters) are not eligible. The scholarship covers the monthly rental costs of a room at Regensen for the full term of residence. Students are asked to contribute toward the cost of utilities, at a rate of DKK 1662 per month as well as DKK 110 per month for membership of the college residents’ society. The contribution towards utilities is periodically adjusted in accordance with the rate of inflation.

Admission and procedure

Click here for Danish applications.

Applicants are required to fill out an application form, and attach a short description of themselves (max one page) indicating their reasons for applying to Regensen. A commitee consisting of the College Provost and elected student representatives will select the two winning candidates in early June of each year.

Application form (Download form)

We admit international citizens once a year and Danish citizens twice a year. The deadline for the next round of applications for international citizens is in May 2021, specific date to be announced.

Applications must be sent by e-mail to Regensens Klokkers at:

Questions concerning the application procedure should also be directed to the address above.

Insight from an international resident: Colbyn, moved in August 2019

What do you wish you had known when you moved in?

As I arrived fresh off the plane with just two suitcases in tow, I wish I had known just how much help I could ask for from my new friendly neighbours. They were more than happy to help and served as invaluable sources of information for a Scottish lad who was way out of his element. For example, there are many pieces of furniture that are up for grabs at Regensen and I swear they seem to move around more than the people do. It is just knowing where to find them and all you need to do is ask.

I also wish I had understood how time consuming the first couple months at Regensen would be. As a new arrival, there are various expectations involved. You have to help organise and host three parties over the span of the semester and host a travelling fridge and treasure chest full of sweets in your room for a total of ten nights. However, although these social expectations are time consuming, they are ultimately to your benefit. You will even be treated to free dinners with the many different student houses at Regensen and your other social obligations will serve as opportunities to get to know and become friends with the people living here. Many international students arriving in Copenhagen complain that it can be difficult to meet and get to know the local Danes. This is anything but the case for a student living at Regensen.

What is your favourite place at Regensen?

I am slightly cheating with this answer as this is not strictly a single place but the hallways of Regensen are easily my favourite. The hallways do not simply connect the many different halls and kitchens, each with their own bizarre name and personality, shaped by their ever-rotating inhabitants. They are destinations in and of themselves, hosting society dinners and parties, being transformed into slip and slides, or serving as the pitch for a friendly game of beer bowling when the weather outside does not permit.

They are also a place where time does not seem to function properly. You may have just stepped out of your room to head out for the day, but suddenly you find yourself hijacked by one of the many other marauding denizens of Regensen’s corridors. The next thing you know you are helping someone move a piece of furniture in their room, sharing an impromptu meal, getting advice for a job application, brewing beer, or filling in as the last player needed for a board game. You only stepped out to go get some groceries and suddenly you have plans for the rest of the day. That is always the risk you take when you enter the time vacuum of Regensen’s hallways.

After admission

Living at Regensen will introduce you to many joys and benefits. Besides living in central Copenhagen (‘Indre By’), you will also live in one of the oldest colleges in Denmark and become part of a community full of traditions and events.

All new residents are expected to take part in arranging three parties as well as a few other tasks during their first semester at Regensen. The parties are part of a longstanding tradition in the college for which all of the college is invited. You will arrange the party together with other new residents at Regensen. This is usually a good way to get to know other residents. As a new resident, you can also expect to be invited to dinners by different societies (‘foreninger’) within the college, which will also help you get to know your new neighbours.