Open House at Regensen

Guided Tours of Regensen

Due to COVID-19 tours of Regensen are currently not available.

On a tour of Regensen, you will be told of the history, architecture, and the (often odd) traditions of Regensen.

The Ligbærere, who are responsible for our tours, will tell about what it is like for a resident to hold an office at Regensen, the celebrities of the college, the art of the “sjofling”, and what it means to die while you are still alive (people of Regensen “die” once they move out of the college).

The tours last approx. 45 minutes, and costs 700 DKK, which goes solely to the maintenance of Regensen.

Culture Night at Regensen

Every year on the Culture Night Regensen opens its doors to the public. There is access to the yard, library, and the halls. It is possible to buy coffee, beer, and cake. You can read more about the participation of Regensen in the Culture Night, on their webpage.


Regensen's Ligbærere are responsible for tours of Regensen.

Symposium at Regensen - a ‘festival of knowledge’

During the weekend of April 21-23 2017, Regensen opened its doors to the public, inviting all interested parties to a symposium of knowledge.

The programme for the first Symposium of Regensen included both Danish and international researchers and politicians such as Loic Wacquant, Margrethe Vestager, Srini Narayanan, Uffe Østergaard, Nina Lykke, Khaterah Parwani and Katherine Richardson. Each in their own way, these people helped shed light on the challenges awaiting us in the future, focusing on different topics such as artificial intelligence,, feminism, the future Europe, the future climate and the Anthropocene era. The presentations and debates presented some of the most urgent social problems of our time and created a common ground for reflexion, discussion and new perspectives.

Regensen also acted as a setting for more informal meetings between the participants of the symposium who had the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and discussions over food in the courtyard, at the bar or during live music at night.

Find more information about Regensen’s symposiums on the Facebook page.

Flea market

Once in a while, Regensen opens its gates to a flea market in the courtyard. Here, the students sell off their clothes, books, art, cookies and what else can be found among their things.

The flea market is usually held a few times during the summer each year.

Admission is free and all are welcome, so feel free to drop by and bring your friends.

Follow the Facebook page, if you want to keep an eye on the next flea market date.