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What is Regensen?

Regensen is one of the oldest residential colleges for students studying at the University of Copenhagen. Founded by Royal Charter in 1623, for centuries it has provided a unique living and working environment for 100 students in the heart of Copenhagen city centre.

The College has its own unique mode of governance, consisting of a Provost (traditionally, a Professor appointed by the University of Copenhagen) working closely with the college council of elected student office holders. It is the combination of historical sensibility and new ideas that generates Regensen's inner dynamic and cohesion.

Many of Denmark's major social and political debates through the ages have taken shape in the College, through the many prominent alumnists ranging from scientists to dramatists, novelists, poets and politicians. Regensen is also characterised by an intricate calendar of special feast days that are observed in the Great Hall with a complex array of festive traditions.

The Residents

Regensen's mission is to provide housing to talended yet non-privileged students at the University of Copenhagen (KU) and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Until the 1980s, the foundation behind Regensen, Kommunitetet, provided free housing and a scholarship for students chosen for admission. Because of financial difficulties, a small fee was introduced which today comprises of DKK 1,400 per month. This is still well under housing price levels in Copenhagen and Regensen thus continues to provide financial stability for it's students.

The College currently house 100 students from a wide range of academic disciplines spanning the entire spectre of programmes offered at KU and DTU. In addition, appartments are provided for the Provost and the Porter with their families. The Provost is a professor at the University of Copenhagen appointed to represent the Collegium externally and formally. The Porter is an employee in charge of maintaining the buildings.

The History

The Collegium Domus Regi was founded in 1623 by King Christian IV and has since played an integral role in the history of the University of Copenhagen and higher education in Denmark. Home to numerous celebrated Danish intellectuals during their studies, Regensen has through four centuries allowed talented young men and women the chance to pursue their academic interests independent of financial background. Famous alumni include bishops and poets T. Kingo and H.A. Brorson, doctor and Nobel laureate N. Finsen and former Prime Minister J.O. Krag. Read more about the history of Regensen here.

Traditions and activities

Life at Regensen is filled with traditions and activities passed down through the generations. The main events are the six yearly parties that each has its customs and traditions. In spring and summer, these are the "Indflytterfest", "Lindefrokost" and "Lindebal". In autumn and winter, these are the "Indflytterfest", "Revy" and "Julebal". In addition, a general meeting is held twice a year, where residents are elected to numerous offices each with their own responsibilities. Read more about the daily life at Regensen here.

How to Apply

One room is offered to international students through the Jonas Thomsen Sekyere Scholarship. Other applicants must fulfill the obligatory conditions. Read more about admission here. | kontakt | Opdateret d. 14.12.2010